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  • How to Prevent Shoulder Surfing Like a Pro

    How to Prevent Shoulder Surfing At first when hearing the words shoulder surfing you probably get the mental image of some sort of surfer dude riding the waves on somebody else’s shoulders which has nothing to do with what the term actually means. (total bummer dude) Shoulder surfing is the act of simply looking over someone else’s shoulder to watch them enter sensitive information into a machine such as an ATM. It is probably the easiest way for a criminal to get your pin number without having to put much effort into the act other than not being too obvious that they are looking over your shoulder in a public place. The ATM example is by far the most popular scenario that you will come across when explaining shoulder surfing, but in my opinion looking over people’s shoulders at ATMs is going out of style and more modern techniques are… Read More »

  • Best Home Safes Reviews SentrySafe SFW123GDC 1.23 Cubic Feet Electronic Fire-Safe, Gun Metal Grey

    Nothing else says safe and sound like knowing your jewelry, cash and documents with sensitive personal information are locked away in a steel safe. Not only are strong safes a challenge for even the most crafty burglars, but they can also protect important documents during fires. When buying such equipment it is very important that you know what features to look for when wanting to keep your valuables safe and sound. (couldn’t resist) The kind of materials that the safe is constructed of, its resistance to tampering, how much space there is inside, and not to mention the kind of lock used and its accessibility; these are all factors that can affect the safe you choose to buy. Anyways, the following reviews provide a breakdown of the best home safes on the market. Paragon 7800 Electronic Digital Lock and Safe Fire Proof Home Security Heavy Duty   This is a… Read More »

  • Best Indoor Security Camera System Reviews TriVision NC-240WF HD 1080P IP

    Even though you might see a lot of security cameras position on the outside of buildings the cameras on the inside are just as important. You can keep an eye on pets at home, stay alert in case of break-ins, monitor activities while away on vacation, and keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable family members. With the very wide selection of cameras on the market it can be difficult to decide which one is best since all of them have similar features as well as similar advantages and disadvantages. Indoor camera systems need to be able to provide a high quality image, be connected to one’s smartphone for remote viewing, and have additional features like the unreliable but preferred motion alerts. All three of these qualities are the main features that you want to see in your camera and you will see below that many of these cameras do… Read More »

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  • Security Camera System Buying Guide -19 Tips security-camera-buying-tips

    This security camera system buying guide has a long list of factors that may cause some people to be overwhelmed but there is nothing wrong with making sure the product you are getting provides the highest level of security you need. After all, this is your security that we are talking about so reading into fine details is a must unless you are okay with giving bad guys the advantage. (Side Note: This article will be having more in depth content added to the list so stay tuned!) Quick Scenario: You buy a security camera system to monitor your home during an increase in burglary in your neighborhood. You don’t do much research and don’t feel like spending much money so you buy the cheapest camera you can find. You leave for work and come home to a broken window, stolen items, etc and when you go to check the… Read More »

  • How to Protect Your Identity – 11 Essential Tips how-to-protect-your-identity

    Knowing how to protect your identity is a must with all of the ways it can be stolen with the use of modern technology. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States and is a growing threat around the world. The Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that 17.6 million U.S. residents were victims of identity theft in 2014. The bureau has calculated that 19 people fall victim to identity theft every 60 seconds.and the average cost to the victim is $500 and 30 hours to straighten out the mess. The statistics mentioned above are not any sort of scare tactic, but simply facts. (still pretty scary huh?) Modern day technology gives criminals many options when deciding which method they can use to steal your identity. In the good ole days criminals only had the option to go through your garbage or calling land lines pretending to be someone… Read More »

  • The Ultimate Phishing Awareness Training Guide phishing-guy

    Phishing Awareness – being informed enough to be able to identify attempts and avoid becoming a victim. Phishing is the term used to describe how the bad guys try to steal your sensitive personal information (usually financial) by sending fake emails to you while pretending to be coming from a legitimate source such as your bank. Having up to date phishing awareness knowledge is the key to avoiding having your sensitive data stolen. Many people are unaware of all of the techniques used to steal sensitive information which is why phishing has been successful over the years. History of Phishing The common belief seems to be that the term was coined by hackers from the days of 1996 who stole usernames and passwords of AOL users by sending the users fake emails asking for their login credentials. Like most things, the true origin has yet to be totally confirmed. The… Read More »