Best Bedside Gun Holsters for Your Bedtime Protection (2017 Guide)

For security purposes, it might be a good idea to own a protective device of some sort. These are tough times we’re living in. Perhaps you might feel comfortable having just a tactical flashlight to keep you safe. That’s fine. Good ones emit bright lights that blind perpetrators, giving you time to flee. Maybe you prefer owning a stun gun. Okay, it works as well. However, the ultimate protective tool, you must admit, is a firearm. And nothing beats the convenience of owning a small handgun.

There’s this feeling of security you get from owning a gun. You can almost feel your conscience telling the bad guys to bring it on. But where do you keep it in order to ensure it’s always within your reach? When you go to bed at night, you might slide it under your pillow. Well, that works until your comfort is compromised. At this point, having the best bedside gun holster becomes the solution.

We’ve put together a list of five of the best products we think will fit your bedside security needs. So take a look at the detailed reviews below so you know exactly what product you need to buy.


We start out the review with this product from Explorer. It comes in a variety of colors from the dark, serious looking ones to the bright, attention grabbing variations. Depending on your taste you can choose from the black, tan, beige, OD green and an ACU variation. Whichever look you prefer, the functionality you’ll still get the same level of functionality as the others. And functionality is what the Explorer was built for.

This holster has a loop in which most handguns can slide into and fit quite snugly. Next to the handgun housing is a flashlight loop to place, of course, a tactical flashlight. Explorer knows that when an intruder sets foot in your house, it’ll be in the pitch black of the night. So, having a tactical flashlight hanging right next to your firearm is a major plus.

The flashlight loop section is elastic. It stretches to accommodate whichever size of flashlight you have and quickly retracts to hold on to it, allowing it to stay put on the holster,

Made of thick leather, the Explorer handgun holster is meant to last you a lifetime and beyond. The material is easy to clean and extremely hardwearing. And its anti-slip qualities will ensure it remains firmly attached to your mattress.



The Company is known as DTOM. It’s an acronym that stands for Don’t Tread on ME. We don’t get it either. However, what we do get is the fact that this is a well-designed, well-crafted holster meant to take convenience to another level. See, it’s ambidextrous.

We had to find out what that means. It means that you can use it easily with either your left hand or your right hand. So, whether you’re attaching it on the left or right side of your bed, your firearm will be equally accessible to you.

The gun loop is made to accommodate whatever type of handgun you own. And when we say whatever, we mean it. Be it a small revolver or a full sized pistol, the firearm will snugly fit in the space provided and remain in place. The holster itself is made with friction strips that attach to the mattress and keep it hanging securely. Then, when the bed is made, the covers will neatly conceal it. No one will know about its presence.

It wouldn’t be complete without another loop. It needs space for a tactical flashlight. DTOM thought of that and not only included the flashlight loop but also a loop for spare magazines for the handgun. And all these make up the perfect bedside gun holster.



As much as we love the name, we also love the product attached to it. This holster was crafted for the bedside. It has a mounting platform that effortlessly slips between your mattress and box spring. The Blackhawk remains intact by your side throughout. It’s made of nylon.

That’s a very good thing. Nylon is first and foremost easy to clean. Simply get a wet rug and wipe down whatever dirt that may have accumulated on it. Then, the nylon also gives the holster a hard wearing quality.

Then, there’s no need to worry about it not accommodating your handgun. This holster is made to fit whichever type of handgun you own. Perhaps it’s a semi-automatic or a revolver. The Blackhawk easily receives whichever handgun it is and securely holds it in place keeping it safe. The Blackhawk is clearly more than just a great name.


There’s a peace of mind that comes with having a protective tool near you. And with Shark Gun Leather’s holster, the protective tool will be a handgun. And just like the other holsters we’ve reviewed above, this one is able to accommodate different handgun sizes.

So, small revolves, check. Large magnum handguns, check. Simply slide the firearm into the holster loop and it’s securely held in place. But wait, there’s more.

This holster also comes with a loop for a tactical flashlight. This will definitely come in handy in case an attack happens at night. But the people at Shark Gun Leather Company weren’t satisfied with that so they included an extra loop in which you can slide in your spare magazine.

The holster’s three suede anti slip strips latch on to the mattress from underneath and hold the holster in place. The loops then hang on the side of your bed at the most convenient place for you. This ensures that your handgun is always within your reach if and when you need it. But here’s the best part. T

he manufacturer assure us of the quality build of this product. They say it’ll last years before it begins to show signs of wear. They’re so confident that they offer a lifetime warranty. That means that whenever it shows signs of defects, you get a replacement at no extra cost. With such faith in their product, who are we to cast any doubt?



This company is called By My Side. And it truly lives its name as the holster places your handgun by your side. It’s not only used by the bedside, you can also attach it in your vehicle or under your desk using the mounting feature. It’s easy to mount it on any solid surface. There’s no drilling required, the whole mounting process is simple and utterly painless.

Your handgun will neatly slide into the holster and is securely held in place. There’s no need to worry about it slithering off, this holster keeps the firearm held nicely. It comes in two different sizes. The standard size fits most small handguns and the wide size fits the larger guns so make sure to get the size that’s right for your gun. Whichever iteration you buy, you’ll get space to slide in your extra ammo.

But don’t just dash off and buy the first holster you find. The market is flooded with substandard products from a country I dare not name. Be methodical. Take your time to figure out which one is best. What you’re looking for, first and foremost, is a holster that your handgun can fit into. Manufacturers have figured out that it might be tedious to make different holsters for different handguns. So they now create ones that are adjustable.

Then, the material used to make the holster is important. Is it leather? It is nylon? Perhaps it’s Velcro? Actually, it’s a combination of all these. The build has to be strong and durable. You don’t want a holster that begins to tear after a few days of use, do you?

Finally, does the holster offer extra loops for items such as a tactical flashlight or your spare magazines? If so, then that would be a good one to go for. However, if you don’t really need this additional feature then you don’t have to spend extra for it. The good news is that there are gun holsters that have all the good features at an affordable cost.

There’s one particular holster that rises above the rest. It emerges to be the best because of its functionality. It’s the adjustable gun loop that holds whichever sized handgun. It’s the ability to also hold a tactical flashlight. And, of course, it’s the low cost despite its awesome functionality. The best bedside gun holster is the Explorer Tactical bedside gun holster.

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Best Bedside Gun Holsters for Your Bedtime Protection (2017 Guide)
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