Best Bedside Gun Safe For Your Safety – 2017 Buying Guide

You carry a firearm. It’s nothing too extravagant, just a simple handgun, a pistol. You keep it in your desk drawer at home but worry that anyone can access it. And indeed, there is access to it by anyone who cares. Where can you keep it? The answer to that question, the best bedside gun safe. But it doesn’t have to be by your bed. The point is, this is a secure place to lock your firearm in. And once in there, you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access.

So, what does one look for in one of these safes? First of all, strength is mandatory. The build of the housing should be of a material that is impervious to breaking. Most are made of steel of different gauges. 18 gauge steel is most common but some can also be 20 gauge steel. Whatever the case, steel is a strong material that won’t be forced open.

Next, you need to know the locking mechanism used. Does it use a passcode? If so, how many digits can you program into it? The ability to program 8 digits is good enough. More might offer a higher level of security as well but be sure not to use a code you can easily forget. Also, find a safe that will offer a backup key to unlock in case you forget the code. The key comes in quite handy. For higher levels of security, you can get a safe that uses biometrics.

Finally, can the safe be secured on the wall or your desk? If so, make sure this fastening is strong enough to prevent intruders from making away with the whole safe and its contents. All right, let’s take a look at our list of the five most popular gun safes available in the market.


Opening our handgun safe review is the SpeedVault safe from Gun Vault Company. This is a solid looking safe, made to take custody of your protective firearm. And it does the assigned duty with zeal. Hand it your firearm and it’ll take good care of it, keeping it from sight. It is made of an 18 gauge steel housing. This is the kind of steel that doesn’t buckle under pressure. It’s super strong, able to resist forceful entry. 18 gauge steel also keeps the safe durable, protecting it from metal killing compounds like rust.

To ensure no one other than yourself is able to gain access, it has a high strength lock mechanism. With such a mechanism, the lock opens when you want it to and doesn’t when you don’t. The door is kept securely shut even when there’s an attempt to prise it open.

Using the digital keypad, you can program a code to unlock the vault. Still, there’s the option of using the backup keys as well. Having numerous options allows you to always be in control of the safe. But there’s more. You can also have the option of using the biometric feature to unlock the safe. Now that’s three ways of securing the vault and three ways you ensure you’re not locked out of it. All of these features make it an easy pick for the best bedside gun safe on this list.


Sentry safe have worked hard to provide us a safe place to keep our handguns. And they’ve done an excellent job with the Quick Access safe. It’s a top access safe with concealed hinges. The door smoothly opens upwards revealing the spacious interior for your firearm. Having concealed hinges bolsters the security level as it makes it impossible to break it open.

Made of steel, the Sentry Safe is able to withstand punishment that comes from attempts to force it open. It resists these attempts with zeal and gusto. Rest assured, no one will gain access to your firearm inside.

Then, to keep the door secure, there’s a digital keypad. It’s backlit, to allow for use in the dark. It has no audible feedback to keep it clandestine. But the best part of it is that it’s impossible to tamper with it. Still, you can use an override key to unlock the safe perhaps if you’ve forgotten the code. This provides a convenient backup ensuring you always have access to the inside of the safe.


This is a portable yet highly secure gun safe for the home. It has dimensions of 11 inches by 9 inches by 2 inches on the outside. The interior bears a size of 10 inches by 7 inches by 2 inches. Notice the amount of room inside to secure your firearm.

However, the good thing about the Microvault is that it isn’t made exclusively for pistols, you can also throw in there your wallet, keys or whatever you feel is valuable and needs protection. The Microvault isn’t prejudiced. Whatever it bears, it’ll keep safe from tampering.

Made of a 20 gauge steel, this safe is built to last. It bears a sturdy look. The build is strong and highly durable. This steel enables the safe to ward off any serious tampering. No one can penetrate, that’s for sure. Furthermore, it’s able to resist the destructive flames of a fire, should it erupt in your home or workplace. Whatever is inside it remains safe. The inside, however, is a different scenario. Lined with a soft foam material, it provides a secure place for your firearm to lay.

To unlock it, you use the buttons on top. Gun Vault calls this the No-Eyes keypad suggesting that you can easily input the code without the need to look. So in case you need to quickly unlock it in the dark, this safe is excellent for such an eventuality. And in case you forget the code, you can still use the backup keys to unlock the safe.


This is First Alert’s take on a top access handgun safe. It bears a similar rugged safe look. The build itself is strong, reassuring us of its ability to secure. With external dimensions of 9.2 inches by 11.1 inches by 3.5 inches, this safe can easily fit in your desk drawer or in your car is you want to. And weighing just 7 pounds, you won’t find it difficult changing its position time and time again.

Still, you can secure it to your floor or shelf thanks to the pre drilled mounting holes on it. The First Alert safe also provides just enough room inside to fit your firearm and ammunition. With interior dimensions of 9 inches by 10.9 inches by 3.3 inches it’s a snug fit.

This safe is made of 18 gauge steel. Known for its rugged quality, the steel endows this safe with the ability to resist any and all punishment it faces. Attempts at gaining access without the code will be rendered futile as the door will remain defiant in the face of pressure. To add on to this durability, the housing is clad in a black powder coat finish.

At the top is an electronic keypad that can easily be used without the need to look. By programming 3 to 8 digit passcodes, you’ll ensure access to the safe is limited to just yourself or anyone else you reveal the code to.


If you’re not a fun of passcodes and combinations, then you’ll love the simplicity of the NanoVault, another product from GunVault. This is a compact and highly portable gun safe meant for securing your firearm while on the move. It’s great for the traveler who wants safety for his firearm. With its small frame, you can conceal this safe anywhere you please. But the size shouldn’t fool you, this is still a strong safe.

Made of 18 gauge steel, the Nano Vault bears a similar level of strength as its bigger siblings. The build is quite solid, giving you the confidence to entrust it with your firearm. Once locked, it’s impossible to get the door open without the key. With a simple unlocking mechanism, you can have quick access to the inside of the safe whenever you please.

As a contrast to the rugged exterior, the interior is lined with a soft foam material that protects your valuables from getting damaged. This foam holds on to the items inside, keeping them from rattling about.

Then, of course, just like the other GunVault safes, the NanoVault is able to resist damage caused by fires. Be sure that your valuables will remain safe.

Whatever you want out of a gun safe, you’ll definitely find the perfect one from the five mentioned above. However, there’s one that stood out for us. It’s the one that offers the options to unlock it using a code, key and even your fingerprint. At the same time, it’s strong enough to protect your firearm not only from theft but also a fire. The best gun safe is the Gun Vault Sv500 Speedvault Handgun Safe. Because it can be secured to the wall or your desk, it provides added security. Let’s hear it for the king of gun safes.

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Best Bedside Gun Safe For Your Safety - 2017 Buying Guide
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