The Best Biometric Gun Safes On The Market – 2017 Buying Guide

There are a ton of alternatives to consider when buying a gun safe. Many people are starting to look for the best biometric gun safe these days because of the simple, yet effective, finger-oriented access that will prevent entrance to non-programmed users.

With many now being able to recollect double or triple digit numbers of entries, biometric safes continue to become comfortable to use and more reliable.

Below you will find the information you need to know to make sure that you buy the best biometric gun safe on the market that suits your security needs.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

best biometric gun safe

This brand can store about one hundred and twenty identities and hold up to two rifles. It remains the best biometric gun safe on the market with proven and reliable features.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe specially designed to spare space. The biometric scanner unlocks the three bolt systems.

With a hand-turn handle, you can quickly open the system for use. Since it is a massive biometric rifle safe, it can be mounted to a wall or the floor. It is crucial to change the batteries immediately when the indicator is switched on to prevent FRR from the scanner.

Apart from this downfall, you will not have a hard time using the biometric gun safe.

Main Features Summary:

Holds up to Three Rifles

Biometric technology with up to 120 identities; includes 2 back-up keys

Pre-drilled anchor points for securing safe to floor or wall

Powered by 4 AA batteries (included) for up to 2 years of use

Backed by 1-year warranty

Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault

best biometric gun safe

The Gunvault GVB1000 remains a unique gun safe to rely on, time and again.

The box-shaped safe has the scanner resting on the open top portion of the product as part of a complete hand indent.

It remains the quickest and easiest method to scan a finger. You will not have to bother holding or placing your finger at a right angle.

The biometric scanner will be activated as soon as you put your right hand beneath the imprint. This brand is much more portable than other products.

Nevertheless, you cannot position it on a desk for use.

Main Features Summary:

Protective foam-lined interior

Tamper-resistant spring-loaded door

16-gauge steel housing

Audio and LED low battery warning

Battery power provides portability

BARSKA Biometric Safe

best biometric gun safe

One practical feature of the BARSKA Biometric Safe is the presence of a study and reliable unit. It is versatile and large with a dimension of 14.5inches x 7.5 inches x 16.5 inches.

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is useful when there is a need for storing more than one gun. It comes with an easy to set up and dependable entry.

It is fair to say that this product is one of the better quality biometric gun safes you will find on the market.

It regularly displays the biometric scanner on the front. Nevertheless, once your finger is scanned, it can quickly and easily open up for access.

Main Features Summary:

Compact safe with unique fingerprint pad for easy, secure access.

Stores up to 30 fingerprints

Stores important documents, valuables, jewelry, and more

Includes mounting hardware and 2 emergency backup keys

Measures 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches (W x H x D); weighs 31 pounds

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500

best biometric gun safe

When reading biometric gun safe reviews, it is important to know that the brand has a good reputation.

When it comes to easy mounting, the Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 remains the best small gun safe you will find on the market.

With this product, you can easily have efficient, quiet and quick access to your rifle.

The quietness of the SVB cannot be compared with other sophisticated brands in the market.

Main Features Summary:

Holds up to 120 individual Fingerprints

Fast Activation drop down drawer

18-Gauge steel construction, with protective foam-lined interior

clear-cut fittings are very hard to open with hand tools

Mounts pretty much anywhere you desire

Many Mounting Options, hardware included

Backup override key included in case of emergency

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

best biometric gun safe

Sentry is one of the best biometric safes that will leave you satisfied with your purchase. It is perfect for when more than one person need access to the gun safe since it can permit two programmed fingerprints.

Even with one hand, you can efficiently and quickly grab the gun. With biometric entry, the safe will only permit single handed access.

It comes with an override key and a programmable keypad.

The biometric entry of this product remains the most efficient and quickest method to grab your gun in case of urgency.

Main Features Summary:

Internal storage space: minimum ability to hold1 J & K size revolver; full size semi-automatic hand gun

The lid is designed to make prying open a very hard task

Dimension: Exterior-Height x Width x Depth: 3.2 in x 12.0 in x 9.9 in

Interior - Height x Width x Depth :2.2 in x 9.7 in x 6.6 in

It is almost impossible to hear the safe opening making it discreet

Single hand opening which is good for when in a hurry during an emergency

When deciding to buy a gun safe with biometric features it is important to consider exactly what capabilities you need the safe to have. For example, if you need to store more than one gun then a larger safe would obviously be the better option.

Also, if access is needed for more than one person then a multiple user access safe would be the better option.

No matter what product you decide to invest your money in, you can guarantee that using a biometric print as your key will make the safe much more secure. Especially more secure than simply having a key laying around for anyone to use.


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The Best Biometric Gun Safes On The Market – 2017 Buying Guide
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