Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier For Keeping Firearms Dry (2017 Guide)

Humidity is a killer! At least this is true for items that are made of metal. Why you ask? Well, humidity means the presence of too much moisture in the air. And moisture yields rust. There’s nothing worse than locking your gun in a safe, believing you’re securing it from outside intrusion. Only to present it with an the well known enemy; rust. So, how do we ensure our items in storage are safe from rusting inviting moisture? The answer is the best gun safe dehumidifier.

Here’s what you need to take note of when you’re in the market for one of these devices. First, the size is important. The dehumidifier you get must be able to fit in your gun safe but not take up too much space. If it’s too big then walk away.

Second, find out about the technology used to dehumidify. Most devices remove moisture from the air by heating up slightly. This dries out the moisture and therefore reduces humidity. If you’re going for this kind, ensure it doesn’t heat up too much. This too might ruin your valuables in the safe. There are manufacturers that have employed a technology that involves a silica gel. This gel silently absorbs humidity within the enclosure. It works silently.

Third, you’ll need to find out how the dehumidifier is powered. Does it need to be plugged in to the mains? If so then you might have to drill a couple of holes on your safe. Is it rechargeable? Perhaps this might be better for you. Select one that fits your specific need?

Finally, is there a warranty with the unit? How long is it? If you’re only getting a year’s warranty then what the manufacturer is probably telling you is that you shouldn’t expect it to work beyond a year. If it does then you’re all alone. There are manufacturers that give lifetime warranty. Go for those since they are confident enough to support you for a lifetime.

That said, let’s now dive right into our review of the best gun safe dehumidifiers in the market. Enjoy!


First on our list is the Eva-Dry dehumidifier. Except, this isn’t the normal one, it’s a new and improved version of the old. And whenever we hear the words new and improved, we raise the stakes. It’s different, not only from its predecessor but from other dehumidifiers in the market.

It’s made with crystals inside it. The crystals absorb the moisture in the enclosure it’s assigned to, slowly changing color as the level of humidity within it rises. They start out their assignment looking orange. And when they absorb the humidity, they gradually change until they turn green which means they’ve absorbed to their fill.

When they’ve reached their capacity, simply plug the unit in a well ventilated place. The moisture within is released freeing the crystals to resume their assignment. It takes about 20 to 30 days before you need to refresh the crystals and the process of releasing the moisture in the crystals takes just about 4 hours.

Incidentally, the Eva-Dry works well within an area of 333 cubic feet. This more than the space in your gun safe, of course. You can also use it under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom or even your closet if you so wish.



If you’ve been following the Golden Rod company saga, you should know that Golden Rod was acquired by a Chinese firm known as Battenfeld. And they now make a cheaper, lower quality dehumidifier that has an uncanny resemblance to this one. The one we’re talking about is the original one. The one that lasts a lifetime. That’s perhaps why Golden Rod are so confident in it that they offer a lifetime warranty.

This one yanks moisture from the air within an area of 100 cubic feet. So that’s your gun safe, your boat, your kitchen cabinets, wherever you want to keep moisture away from. All you’ll need to do is plug the device in and you’re good to go.

This is a powerful device that, unlike the newer model, is made in the USA. So we’re assured of a quality build maintained at the highest production standards. The Golden Rod works by heating up slightly and eliminates the moisture from the air. And it doesn’t heat up too much to make the enclosure uncomfortable.

At a diameter of just an inch, the rod can easily fit inside your gun safe but leaving more than enough space for your gun and accessories.


Eva-Dry aren’t done with us. Or rather, we’re not finished with Eva-Dry. With their lovely menu of dehumidifiers, they were bound to show up once again in this review. And this time, they present the E-500. It’s a tiny device that works like a charm.

Being able to clear humidity in an area of up to 500 cubic inches, you’ll find it quite handy not just in your gun safe but also bigger spaces. It works well in bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, your boat. It’s that useful to have.

Just like the E-333 it uses a silica gel solution to absorb the moisture. This solution takes in the humidity, showing the level it’s absorbed on the crystals inside the unit. As it absorbs, the crystals slowly change color from orange to green. Green shows that it’s reached its capacity of 8 ounces and needs to be refreshed. And for it to reach its capacity, it’ll take about three to eight weeks of humidity absorption.

When full, plug the unit in a well aerated place and let it release the moisture. It should take about 12 to 14 hours to get it up and running once more. Here’s the best part; you can keep performing this process for 10 years without needing to replace anything within the E-500.


Joining our list of the best gun safe dehumidifiers is this compact and highly portable unit from Stack-On. It’s called the SPAD 1500. And it makes the cut because of its portability. Measuring in at just 9 inches by 7.6 inches by 3 inches, you’ll find enough room for it in the smallest gun safe. And weighing in at just 8 ounces, you can easily move it from one place to another. Being able to grab moisture from an area of up to 100 cubic feet, your gun safe will remain humidity free for a long time.

Also, this unit is rechargeable. So, yes, you won’t have to place it near a socket. Via the moisture gauge on the front, you’ll be able to tell when the unit needs a power replenish. When all juiced up, it’ll get about its business for four to six weeks before it requires a recharge again. For this, a standard electrical outlet will do.

Plug it in for eight to ten hours and the unit will be powered up once more. Using a dehumidifier doesn’t get easier than this. Stack-On have taken out all the complications of devices but left us with a unit that works just as well as its competitors.


Finally, we have the zealous dehumidifier from Peet Dryer Company. This unit works to keep humidity out of your safes through its state of the art design and technology. The humid air is drawn in through the vents at the bottom, warmed and allowed to naturally rise.

The dehumidified air then leaves through the air chambers at the top. This process carries on, eliminating moisture completely.

To get it working, just plug the unit into a standard walls socket. Power it up and let it do its thing. There’s no need to monitor it, the Peet Dryer has been made with safety in mind. Still, you can also use it to dry your footwear. Why not! It’s that zealous.


To select the best gun safe dehumidifier, we wanted one that’s easy to use and lasts a lifetime. And though the other four on this list are excellent, the best gun dehumidifier is the Eva-Dry E333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier. It’s silica gel and crystals technology that wonderfully absorbs humidity is brilliant. Its portable size is spectacular. However, what won us over was the unit’s ability to serve for years without needing any servicing whatsoever.
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Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier For Keeping Firearms Dry (2017 Guide)
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