Best Home Safes On The Market – 2017 Buyer Guide

Choosing the best home safes on the market with the right features can be a great investment.

Nothing else can provide the same peace of mind knowing all your valuables are locked away in a steel safe.

Not only are strong safes a challenge for crafty burglars, but they also protect important documents during fires.

When buying such equipment it is important you know what features to look for when wanting to keep your valuables safe and sound. (couldn’t resist)

The kind of materials that the safe is made of are the first thing to take note of. It's resistance to tampering comes second. How much space there is inside is third. The fourth thing is knowing the kind of lock used and its accessibility. These are all factors that can affect the safe you choose to buy.

NameWeightDimensionsFire ResistanceRatingPrice
Paragon 780074 lbs19 x 14.75 x 16 inches1700°F for 30 Mins3.8Check Price
SteelWater254 lbs11x 4 x 12 inches1850°F for 2 Hours5Check Price
Mesa Safe140 lbs18.8 x 17.2 x 20 inches1830°F for 2 Hours4.3Check Price
Sentry Safe90 lbs19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches1700°F for 1 Hour4.2Check Price
Stack-On155lbs50.2 x 53 x 73.7 inches1400°F for 30 Mins3.8Check Price

Anyways, the following home safe reviews provide a breakdown of the best products on the market so you know exactly what you need.

Paragon 7800 Electronic Digital Lock and Safe

best home safes reviews

This is a nifty little home safe that is just the right size for valuables and important documents. It is constructed of steel sandwiching fireproof material, and is resistant to tampering.

One of the best features is that not only does the safe open with two digital pins, but these can be reprogrammed as many times as you want.

Also, the safe can be opened with regular keys in case the electronics of the safe happen to stop working correctly. It weighs around 80 pounds making it pretty sturdy and difficult to lug around.

It has the option to be bolted to the floor. It is certified to be fire proof for an hour, which is an added bonus. Home safes are unfortunately not always meant to be strictly anti burglar.

There are only a couple of cons for the Paragon.

One is that it has to be opened by grabbing the keypad or lock itself. The safe lacks a handle which could be a good thing since that would be an inconvenience for a burglar. The other is that the door moves a fraction of an inch even when locked.

This can be annoying when entering the digital combination. Aside from these very minimal downfalls it would be fair to say that this is an overall quality home safe.

Steelwater AMSWFB-450 2-Hour Fireproof and Burglary Safe

best home safes reviews

The steelwater safe is another alternative you can pick if you want a sturdy home safe that is also fire proof.

Again, this is made with steel that has fireproof material between. It can be bolted to the ground, and is a perfect size for valuables and papers.

There is also an automatic locking system that engages the bolts when the door is closed.

One of the best features of this safe is that it comes with a steelwater lifetime warranty for fire and burglary. So even if the safe fails to do its job there is still some hope!

The only downfall of the Steelwater would have to be that the dial is sort of awkward. It is not as easy to use as the digital lock combinations mentioned on this list of home safes reviews. Other than that, it is sturdy and reliable while being within a reasonable price range.

Mesa Safe MBF1512C All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe with Combination Lock

best home safes reviews

The Mesa safe is not only the kind of Hollywood movie looking safe that comes to mind when you imagine safes in general, but is also a great buy for the price.

The locking bolts in the safe are solid steel. The safe itself is steel lined with fire resistant material like most of the other safes mentioned.

Its extra security features include certified tested reliability in the event of being dropped from a second story. It is also safe from fire damage for up to two hours.

There is a solid steel handle to pull the door open, and the whole thing weighs a good hundred and forty pounds. Additionally it also has the option to be bolted to the floor.

The disadvantage of this safe is the same as the steelwater one – there is a mechanical combination lock. This is an advantage in the sense that it can’t be tampered with digitally and you don’t have to worry about batteries. The disadvantage is that it is sort of tricky and takes some time to get used to.

SentrySafe SFW123GDC 1.23 Cubic Feet Electronic Fire-Safe

best home safes reviews

This is one of the best items on the list for many reasons.

Not only is the safe fireproof for one hour, but it is also certified to be safe for digital material like USBs in a fire for one hour.

This is also the only item in this price range which is also water proof for up to 24 hours in eight inches of water. The lock is digital with override keys provided.

Inside the safe there are shelves as well as a document box with its own key, which can also be locked for even more security. There is also an LED light which turns on when the safe is opened.

The keypad is backlit, and the combination keypad will not open if the keys are used, adding another layer of security.

The downfall of this product is that some users have experienced issues with the locking mechanism. There are reports of jammed mechanisms or ones that would not open. The handle is plastic which could melt in a fire making it difficult to open.

Despite all the great qualities of the Sentry Safe, the plastic handle is a downfall that could almost make it useless. As with all digital components, users have had to replace batteries and faced difficulties opening the safe. This was usually due to the batteries being low or dead on the keypad.

Stack-On E-029-SB-C Elite Executive Fire Safe with Combination Lock

best home safes reviews

Considering this weighs over 200lbs, it is safe to say that this is a heavy duty and sturdy place to keep your valuables.

The sturdiness is a standout feature, as its thick steel design makes it very difficult to break into. There is an extra layer of steel behind the combination lock making it even more tamper proof.

Unlike some of the smaller safes on the list, this one has a good amount of space on the inside. The extra space allows you to store more documents on the two shelves you will see once opened. It is certified fire proof for up to thirty minutes.

There are a few serious cons for this product. One is that the combination lock does not need to be set directly on the exact number for it to recognize that number. Also the safe’s code cannot be changed from the one set at the factory.

There is no additional key mechanism. The lock stays fixed on the last digit of the combination while the door is open. So it is fair to say this product is sturdy, but the functional issues are definitely something you should think about before buying.

All the safes mentioned in the list do their job for the most part. The main concern being people experiencing issues with the locking and opening mechanism. Thankfully it seems to just take some getting used to.


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