Do You Know What Is The Best Laptop Lock to Buy?-2017 Buying Guide

Aside from cell phones, laptops are our closest companions. They bear our dirty little secrets. Our most important information is locked inside them. So imagine how tragic it would be to lose the laptop; all our prized documents gone in a flash. You’re then left in panic wondering whether there’s something you could have done. We often times find ourselves working in a public space. Leaving your desk for a minute you come back to find the table empty. Your laptop is gone and the thief is nowhere in sight. There is a solution for avoiding such a stressful event - get yourself a laptop lock. So what is the best laptop lock to buy?

If you’re hearing about these locks for the first time let's bring you up to speed. Take a look at the side of your laptop’s body. There’s probably a USB slot, power slot and a couple of other slots you’re familiar with. However, there’s one tiny slot that you have probably wondered what it is used for. That is a laptop locking slot. Most modern laptops have this security feature. Through here, you insert a lock head that attaches your laptop to a cable. With this cable you can secure your laptop pretty much anywhere.

Product NameLengthCombination CodesCompatible with Most Laptops?Star RatingPrice
Kensington 4 Wheel6 ft10000No4.5Check Price
Sendt6 ft10000Yes4Check Price
Ruban6.2 ftN/A - Uses KeysYes4.5Check Price
BodyGuard6.2 ft10000Yes4.5Check Price
Kensington 2.06 ftN/A - Uses KeysNo5Check Price

A good lock must first and foremost have a tamper proof lock head. It needs to be strong to discourage any persistent attempts to break off the lock. This lock head is unlocked using either a key or a number combination. Perhaps even both. Most locks have just one of the two but the security level should still be quite high. The cable should, of course, be made of a material that can’t be snipped. It would be pointless to buy a lock with a flimsy cable that’s easy to cut. We’ve combined a list of five of the best laptop locks for you to choose from. Here’s our review.


Kensington, the inventor of the security slot on laptops, brings us this amazing laptop lock; the 4 wheel combination cable lock. And just as the name reveals, it uses a 4 wheel combination to ensure maximum security of your laptop. With this, you can select a code from the 10,000 different codes available to you. Personalize the code so you don’t forget.

Then, Kensington offers an option to register the code online. So in case you do forget the code, you can simply retrieve it from their website.

The lock head is a strong, tamper resistant T-Bar. It perfectly secures itself into the Kensington security slot on your laptop. Engaging it is easy. Simply press the black push button, bring the head into the security slot, and release the button to secure it in place.

No one can get past this head no matter how hard they try. The cable too is as tamper resistant as the lock-head. It’s an ample 6 foot long carbon steel material. And we know that carbon steel does not get cut easily. It’s strong and durable, ensuring that your laptop remains safe wherever you lock it.

Take a look at the video below from Kensington to see a cable lock in action.​



This Sendt product is a bold looking black security cable that sends a statement. It’s a deterrent. The look it bears, its demeanor, they all seem to say one thing, “Don’t think about it!” It has a strong 6 foot cable that has a rubber coating which belies the rugged metallic build inside. So, yes, the cable is cut resistant, perfect for discouraging theft.

This security cable is a 4 dial combination lock. For those who always lose their keys, this should be one less key to lose. And with 10,000 combinations that you can set, you won’t lack a customize code that you can easily remember.

The head is made of a strong zinc alloy material and it has the T-bar design. It snugly fits in a Kensington security slot found in most laptops and notebooks. But still, it can be used on projectors, LCD and plasma screens as well.



From Ruban comes this notebook lock. The Ruban has a long 6.2 foot cable that can easily wrap around even your desk. It gives you enough space to move the laptop around when its locked. It has a rubber coating and a strong metal wire inside it that strongly resists cutting.

This security cable uses a key to unlock. And it comes with two keys in case you lose one. All you need to do is insert the T-bar head into any laptop’s security slot and turn the key to lock. This process is short and utterly simple.

When you need to unlock it, simply insert your key, turn and it releases itself from the slot. The keyhole is difficult to pick and unlock without the actual key.



A bodyguard for your laptop, this cable is your notebook’s prefect protector. It has a combination lock that’s a 4 dial. With this you can customize the combination from the 10,000 codes it offers. That’s right, 10,000 different codes. With this you’ll definitely find one that’s easy to remember, right?

The Bodyguard also has a key lever push button design. This lever makes it easy to engage the lock in the security slot of your laptop. Simply turn the lever and the T-Bar on the head secures.

The cable is an ample 6.2 feet to give you enough room to move the laptop. It’s also thick. In fact, it’s thicker than most other laptop lock cables. This one has a diameter of 6 mm. And the inside is made of a strong and durable steel wire that’s virtually impossible to cut.



The trusted Kensington Company presents this spectacular Keyed cable lock. The lock head is a strong 10mm thick and fits in most laptops’ security slots thanks to the T-Bar technology. With such a strong head, no one can penetrate the unlock it. And Kensington have made sure it remains locked with their anti-pick technology.

The cable is made of a strong carbon steel material that’s impossible to cut through. This is clothed in an anti shearing sleeve that takes protection to a whole other level.

As is customary with Kensington, you can register your key online. So in the event of loss of your key you can simply request for a replacement one sent to you.


So there’s no need to worry. With such quality locks you’ll keep your laptop safe wherever you’re using it. Each one offers a strong set of features and great functionality. Still, we need to pick the one that stands out the most.

The best laptop lock is the Kensington 4 wheel combination cable lock. It bears a strong cable and a convenient combination lock mechanism. Combination locks are more difficult to compromise than keys. And being made by the masters of security locks- Kensington- very few come close to its quality.

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Do You Know What Is The Best Laptop Lock to Buy?-2017 Buying Guide
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