The Best Stun Guns On The Market – 2017 Buyers Guide

Stun guns are effective little devices that emit a high voltage of electricity. This can be used to scare robbers away without inflicting permanent bodily harm. Having one gives a sense of security, a sense of control over any situation that may arise. Luckily there are many stun guns to choose from. They are so varied in features that choosing one that’s right for you might be overwhelming. So what does one look out for? This article explains what features the best gun guns on the market should have.

First of all, size does matter. They are meant to be portable, capable of fitting in your pocket or bag with ease. You want to be able to comfortably carry it with you whenever you need to without feeling a strain from it. Also, battery power is crucial. Imagine whipping out a stun gun and brandishing it at an offender, only for it to fail to show up because it has run low on power. It’s important to know whether the batteries are rechargeable or not.

Product NameLED?VoltsRechargeable?Star RatingPrice
VIPERTEK VTS-989Yes230000000Yes4.5Check Price
Monster Stun GunYes18000000Yes4Check Price
Vipertek VTS-880BYes25000000Yes4.5Check Price
Guard Dog Security Dual-Spark Yes6000000Yes4Check Price
Vipertek VTS-880Pu V Mini Yes15000000Yes4.5Check Price


The VTS 989 from Vipertek is an intimidating looking little device. Sticking out from the front are two prongs and right between them is an LED flashlight. Yes, this can double up as a light emitting device. Its dimensions are 6.5 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch. This is the perfect size to fit in your pocket and sit there in wait.

The two prongs shoot out a bright electric current that is as terrifying to hear as it is to feel. In fact, the sound emitted by the stun gun should act as enough of a deterrent, at least if the accoster is in his right mind! I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that current. Contact with this immobilizes an attacker for up to 15 minutes.

And this is more than enough time for you to make a break for it. Also, it works through items of clothing. The Vipertek VTS 989 was tested on a man wearing up to three layers of clothing. In all cases it delivered the immobilizing blow in less than 5 seconds. This is thanks to the ultra sharp spike electrodes which penetrate thick clothing.

It’s encased in a black non slip rubber coating that provides a nice secure grip. As you hold it, you feel the body submit to your grasp. It doesn’t threaten to slither out of your hand which gives you that much needed sense of security. Another thing this rubber does is it endows the stun gun with a durable quality. The rubber absorbs shock in case the device takes a tumble and keeps it in one piece.

What if a robber tries to grab it?

The stun gun has, on its sides, shock plates that also have the ability to send a high voltage of electricity right through the body of the offender. The effect is the same as when delivered through the prongs. The attacker should be on the ground in seconds, unable to make any movement.

To the side there’s a sturdy red power switch that, when flicked, gives life to this powerful device. It works in three ways; Off, LED light and tazer activation. The switch is made such that it minimizes accidental powering. And inside this machine, there’s a powerful rechargeable battery. Out of the box, it needs to be recharged for 8 hours to reach a full battery. After charging it the first time you fully recharge by charging it for 2 hours every month. This is done using the 10 inch detachable cord which is used in a 110V outlet.

Vipertek VTS-880Pu V Mini

Vipertek sat down and decided to make an even smaller stun gun. It’s the VTS 880 PU variant. This is a pint sized safety device, measuring just 2 inches by 7/8 inches by 4 inches. But don’t let its petite nature fool you, it does pack a punch. The two innocuous looking spikes are said to be able to emit up to 15 million volts. The striking blow can drop a hefty person in less than 5 seconds and keep him down for about 15 minutes.

But there’s more.

This power can penetrate one’s clothes and works just as effectively. It does exactly what we expect a stun gun to do. But that’s not all that should spark terror in a potential attacker. When powered in the air, the sound emitted should show the assailant that this stun gun means business.

When not in use, this device will snugly slide in your pocket and hide away from site. No one would know you’re carrying such a potent device. And no one should know as the whole purpose of a stun gun is the element of surprise.

The compact body is clothed in a blue colored non slip rubber coating. What does non slip rubber do, you ask? Well, it keeps the stun gun securely placed in your grip. Even under wet conditions, this device won’t budge from your grasp.

And that’s an excellent quality as such a small sized device is likely to slip off. With the non slip we also expect a rugged quality to it. This rubber protects the tazer in the event of a drop or some sort of impact. Expect it to last for a long time.

When not passing an agonizing electric current through assailants, it doubles as a flashlight. Right between the two spikes, there’s an LED light emitter that works as well as normal flashlights.

Giving is power is a rechargeable battery that eliminates the need of having to regularly buy replacement batteries. It juices up from a 120 V outlet. Just pop out the two prong plug from the base of the device and plug it in to fill it up. The charge lasts a long time and you’ll only need to recharge it about once a month.

For added portability, Vipertek included a beautiful black pouch in which we can carry it in. This is quite handy as it also prevents accidental powering when in our pockets and keeps the device protected as well.

Monster Stun Gun

If you’re interested in a tiny, playful looking stun gun, then this little monster is one to look out for. It comes in options of six different, bright and exciting colors; purple, zebra purple/ black, zebra black/ white, camo, white and the standard black. Each is as appealing as the next. Each looks small and rather sedate. But that’s just the looks. This is truly a little monster.

At the front, there are the two little prongs sticking out. They have the capacity to produce a staggering 18 million volts of electricity. But before it gets to the assailant, the powerful buzzing sound is enough to scare any bad guy. That sound is so fierce that even you, the user, will feel a streak of anxiety when activating it.

If that doesn’t scare the bad guy away, then the power of the current through one’s body should send them a strong warning to stop. It has the capability to penetrate items of clothing, even beyond three layers. And a 5 second zap will get one on the ground, unable to move for over 15 minutes.

Still, it does more than zap people. It has a built in LED light emitter that can be used for illuminating small areas. Perhaps you like taking walks at night or you’re one of those people who go jogging after dark. This device will illuminate your path while giving you a sense of security.

To give it consistent power, it uses a powerful rechargeable battery. To charge it, there’s a charging prong hidden away underneath. Sliding the little button at the bottom releases it from within for it to plug directly into the wall outlet. Charge it for about an hour every month to keep it filled up.

For portability, the device comes with a nylon holster in which the Monster slides into. With this you can carry it anywhere and anytime. It fits well in your pocket but if you don’t really want to carry it there, you can secure it on your belt using the available belt loop.

Vipertek VTS-880B

Joining its colleagues from Vipertek is the VTS 880B mini stun gun. It’s another surprisingly small device that has as much paralyzing power as its bigger counterparts. As small as the VTS 88, this one packs just as much power. The body is a serious looking black covered by a non slip rubber. With a device as small and lightweight as this one, you need it to be non slip. The material looks elegant on the device, however, and gives it a level of durability.

To the side of it, is the switch. Move it to the center and it powers the LED flashlight. This light gives out a high amount of lumens that will clearly illuminate in the dark. By sliding the switch to the top position, a red light comes on. This indicates that the stun gun is armed and definitely dangerous. The discharge button emits a strong and bright spark that unleashes the 15 million volts of electricity!

That’s right, it has an insane 15 million volts that will course through an assailant’s body and put him in an agonizing state. And this is an effect of just about a second of stunning, leaving him in that state for over 15 minutes.

It is also a very portable device. We mentioned how small it is, being able to fit in your pockets easily, right? Well, it is. But to enhance portability, Vipertex included a nylon holster. It’s a black little pouch in which the VTS 880B slides into and sits safely inside. You can then proceed to tuck it inside your pockets or carry it in your bag, wherever is most convenient for you.

Powering it is a rechargeable battery that feeds from a 110V AC electrical outlet. Right out of the box, you’re supposed to charge it for six to eight hours. At the bottom of the stun gun, you’ll see a tiny button. Slide it and the wall plug appears from within. This is what you plug into the outlet. After the initial charge, just about an hour or two of recharging each month should keep it in full power. But remember, overcharging the device will reduce the battery life.

Guard Dog Security Dual-Spark

This stun gun will be your little guard dog, walking around with you, offering protection when need be. The Guard Dog is more of a flash light with a stun gun built in than a stun gun with a flashlight. The shape itself tells you that.

The device has a bright LED light emitters. Flanking this emitter are four prongs that release a powerful 6 million voltage into an assailant. These four prongs offer two simultaneous sparks giving the stun gun double the power of its competitors. The offender will be sprawled on the ground for over 15 minutes, wreathing in pain but unable to move a muscle.

Its body is a black full rubberized non slip body. Coupled with the shape, this flash light stun gun provides such a secure grip nothing will dislodge it from your grasp. And it’s also durable, capable of withstanding a lifetime of battering without breaking a sweat.

The function slider is easy to operate. With one slide you can either select the flashlight function or the tazer function. The red button then unleashes the tazing power with a huge buzz.

To keep it powered, it has a rechargeable battery within it and is recharged using the available power cord.

The five stun guns above are the best in the market. They are highly affordable with prices ranging between $10 and $20. They are very handy and highly portable. Carrying a device as small as some of them and as potent as they are gives you that much needed sense of security. Not just for yourself but also for your family.

So, here we are, about to crown the king of stun guns. The best stun gun is the Vipertek VTS 989 stun gun. It’s small but packs a mean punch. Its body shape is best suited for offering a firm grip and emits the most power. With the shock plates on the sides, an attacker had better think twice before accosting you. The VTS 989 will keep you safe.


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The Best Stun Guns On The Market – 2017 Buyers Guide
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