Best Wall Safes for Home – (2017 Buying Guide)

All of us have items that we view as highly valuable. Perhaps it’s important documents or maybe jewelry that you hold dear. You might have items that you’ve spent loads of cash on and don’t feel comfortable leaving them out in the open for all to see and touch. If this is your story then you the thought of getting a safe might have crossed your mind. You’re toying with the idea, flirting with the thought of having one installed in your home. But whish safe is right for you?

First of all, knowing what exactly you’ll entrust the wall safe with is important. This will guide you on what size of safe you’ll get. If you’ll throw in there a couple of documents, some jewelry and perhaps a handgun then a small to medium sized safe will be perfect.

Find out what the safe is made of. Steel is a popular material and is quite strong. The steel withstands attempts at breaking it open. Also, make sure the door is thick enough and is held by sturdy hinges. Preferably, the hinges should also be made of steel or a stronger material. Weak hinges are the Achilles heals of safes and easily buckle under pressure.

NameWeightDimensionsMaterialProfessional Installation Optional?Star RatingPrice
Paragon 7750 37 lbs14 x 4 x 19 inchesSteelNo4 StarsCheck Price
Paragon 772537 lbs14 x 4 x 19 inchesSteelNo4 StarsCheck Price
Stack-On Wall Safe30 lbs3.8 x 13.8 x 20.6 inchesSteelNo4.5 StarsCheck Price
Protex Electronic Wall Safe28 lbs18.2 x 3.9 x 14.1 inchesSteelYes4.5 StarsCheck Price
Homak WS000170014 lbs17.1 x 4 x 11.8 inchesSteelYes4.5 StarsCheck Price

Then, wall safes could have electric locking systems or mechanical systems. Those which require PINs to unlock are normally electronic. Ask about the batteries used and how long they last. These types of systems should also come with key options for those times when the batteries die. Other locking systems are the tubular kind. They provide equal security as the electronic systems but offer simplicity.

Finally, how easy is it to install the safe? You don’t want to be spending hours trying to get it up and running. Some come with pre drilled holes that allow you to painlessly screw the safe into the wall space. Then, once installed, the safe needs to conceal from immediate view of anyone who walks in. It the safe can hide behind a picture frame, the better, right?

With a market filled to the brim with wall safes that promise a lot, it is tough to choose the right one. But don’t worry we have reviewed the top five wall safes we could find.


Just like its name suggests, this wall safe is truly a Paragon in the safe universe. It bears a striking look. It’s a look that reassures you. It’s a look that makes you trust it. And this is a good thing. Wall safes carry in them your prized possessions. You want the safe to take these possessions and hold them for you, allowing only you to access.

Made of solid steel, this safe can resist any attempts to prise it open. Its strong build makes it able to withstand any attack from mechanical tools. Nothing can penetrate. The door is constructed of 1/8 inch thick solid steel and are held in place by equally sturdy tamper proof hinges. This combination can ward off the toughest of attempts at gaining access.

The safe has external dimensions of 22 inches along the height, 18 inches along the width and a thickness of 4 inches. The 7750 will neatly hide within a wall and can effortlessly conceal behind a picture frame. And with internal dimensions of 20.25 inches by 14.25 inches by 3.75 inches in depth, it gives you just enough room to actcommodae all you need it to.

Open the door and a beautiful grey carpet padding reveals itself on the inside. This provides a secure place for your fragile valuables to lay. No need for you to be worrying about them scratching or breaking. Once the door is closed, only those with the secret PIN code can gain access. In case you forget the PIN, as sometimes one is bound to, you can still find your way in by use of the included keys.


Still in the family of Paragon Wall Safes is the 7725. And just like its brother above, the 7750, it bears the same rugged and reassuring look. It’s the look we look for in wall safes. We want them to tell us they’ve got our backs. We want them to stand confident and withstand any forceful entry attempts. The Paragon wall safes do that and the 7725 doesn’t fall short.

It has external dimensions of 22 inches in height, 16 inches in width and 4 inches in depth. This safe will rightfully take its place within the wall, concealing effortlessly. On the inside, it provides dimensions of 20.25 inches in height, 14.25 inches in width and 3.75 inches in depth. You’ll find that this is more than enough space to hold your valuables. And once these valuables are inside, there’s no getting them out, unless you have the PIN code of course.

The keypad is easy to operate, with the numbers visibly written on them. Simply enter your secret code and the door unlocks instantly. And if you have little love for secret PINs, you can use the keys instead. Paragon give you keys as an alternative to the PIN.

The build of the 7725, just like in the Paragon 7750, is strong. Made of solid steel and with a door that’s 1/8 inch thick, there’s no forcing this safe open.


The stack on joins the pack in this wall safes review. And it’s truly a worthy opponent to the Paragon safes mentioned above. It has a bold black color that is beautiful yet stealthy. It doesn’t scream for attention. It can easily conceal within a wall while securely holding your valuables. It’s constructed of 1/8th plate steel giving the whole safe a weight of 28 pounds.

Powered by four AA batteries, the keypad is very simple to operate. You can easily program a six to eight digit PIN code that you can use to unlock the safe. It also comes with a key that you can use in case you forget the code or the batteries run low. Still, the batteries are powerful enough to give the keypad enough juice for a long time.

On the inside, the Stack On has shelves which come in quite handy when it comes to organizing your items. But if you don’t need the shelves, you can painlessly remove them. This gives you more control over the space available to you.


With the likes of the Paragon wall safes and the Stack on, the Protex has a lot to prove. And it doesn’t disappoint. It comes in a body that measures 18.2 inches by 14.1 inches by 3.9 inches. Yes, this is slightly smaller than the others but offers similar functionality. Made of steel, it measures 28 pounds. This underscores its strength and ability to withstand any form of tampering.

The electronic locking system works with four AA batteries that are internally connected. Still, you can connect an external power supply via the jack on the face of the keypad. This comes in handy when the batteries die. The LED display is clear and the keypad is very easy to use. Some models of the Protex come with the luxury of a biometric lock system. This feature makes it stand out from the rest, giving you an easy yet secure way of keeping your valuables safe.

The locking bolt system is motorized and instantly opens the door as soon as you enter the correct PIN. It provides safety while preventing jamming of the bolts. Then, with removable shelves on the inside, you can organize your valuables how you want.


The Homak is a unique looking wall safe. It stands out from the crowd, choosing to take a different direction in wall safe security. And its take in security still offers guaranteed safety for your valuables. First of all, the look tells you it doesn’t want to dress like the rest. The front face is plain, save for the tubular locking system. And this is its chief selling point.

There’s no keypad, just this lock which is up to the task of keeping everything from intruders. This lock is tamper resistant and is only opened with its keys. It certainly does not easily give into the bad guys trying to pry it open. The Homak is made of high quality steel. Steel provides strength, and the hinges are heavy duty. Making it very tough to force open.

Measuring 14 inches in length, 9 inches in width and 4 inches in depth, this safe perfectly conceals within a wall. But still, you can also place it within the floor for a more unpredictable position.

Sure, all the safes above are excellent protectors of your valuables. They can be trusted, able to conceal what you place within them keeping those without authorization at bay. However there’s one that rises above the rest. This is the safe that offers greater functionality and strength at a pocket friendly price. This safe is easy to open using both a PIN and a key. It’s the right size for your possessions and compact enough to fit snugly within the wall. The best wall safe for your home is the Paragon 7750 electronic wall safe. It checks all the right boxes and is truly a paragon in the wall safe universe.

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