How to Connect a Security Camera to Your Mobile Phone with Ease

At first, connecting any sort of device to your mobile phone might sound complicated and require you to be tech savvy. Luckily the never ending and constantly growing world of smart phone apps has made a lot of tasks like these much easier.

Some, but not all security camera manufacturers have had mobile apps developed that make accessing your home security camera system as easy as logging into your Facebook account.

However, some of the apps do come with compatibility problems which mostly have to do with what kind of phone you use.

It seems like most, if not all, of the security camera manufacturer apps are compatible with iPhone and Android. Some manufacturers might only currently offer the app for one type of phone or the other due to different programming needs.

The apps are also not always the most reliable even if they are able to connect to your phone. A lot of users have reported connection issues as well as low quality images. Anyone who has used a smart phone app probably knows they do not always work as desired so these app issues are not uncommon.

Now the question you might be asking is, what if my manufacturer does not offer an app?

Well there are other solutions for viewing your security camera from your mobile device other than using an app. Surprisingly, this custom setup does not require the tech savvy ability you would probably expect.

The methods will vary depending on the type of camera, or camera system, being used. The methods could also change depending on the phone you use as well.

It is unfortunately not a one size fits all solution, but fortunately it is not extremely difficult.

Since there are a large number of ways to do this we are going to mention some of the most common.

The first method is for connecting to a security camera DVR from your Android or Apple smart phone.

Go to the app marketplace and download the MPRMS app. The app is used to access and view video footage from the DVR also known as a digital video recorder.

A standard 3G connection will work fine and anything faster than that is even better.

Once you open the app you will be taken to a screen with a few fields to fill out such as the name of the DVR if you happen to have more than one. You will also need to enter the username and password you wish to use for the app.

Lastly, you will provide either the external IP address of your DVR or internal IP address. After that you should be ready to view a live feed of the camera from your phone.

The video below does a great job of walking you through the above steps but with visuals to help you learn better.

You will notice that the methods mentioned are all similar but just have some small differences. Even if a manufacturer does not have an app ready for you the methods usually end up using an app of some sort to connect your devices remotely.

The second method being mentioned is how to view your CCTV cameras on your iPhone. CCTV actually stands for closed circuit television even though it is being used to describe a type of camera in this scenario.

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