How Do Stun Guns Work? The Shocking Truth!

It’s a small device. It is actually must smaller than a smart phone. This tiny gadget is carried by people for self defense in the event of an attack. It emits an electric current that, on contact with the assailant, gets them immobile but only for a few minutes. However, a few minutes is more than enough time for one to bolt out of there and to the safe arms of your home. Stun guns are easy to use. You just flick the switch and press a stun button. You’ll hear a powerful electric buzzing and see the bright current shooting out of the probes.

Did we mention what the probes are? Well, right on the tip of the device there are tiny rods sticking out. Those rods are the probes. The rods shoot electricity between them and it is this part that you jam on the body of your attacker.

So How Do Stun Guns Work?

A stun gun is a weapon that uses electroshock so a high voltage is used in it. This voltage is not lethal and does not cause any permanent injury. Though the voltage may be high, the amperage in the device is kept low. That is what keeps it from being a lethal weapon. Usually, an average of 5 milliamps is used in the stun guns. So when it comes in contact with the body, the electric current it produces taps into the nervous system. What happens next can be either hilarious or terrifying depending on how long the contact is made.

If the contact period is just about a second, the person will simply experience uncontrollable muscle twitches. If it’s more than two seconds, it causes one to sprawl on the ground, temporarily paralyzed. This all happens as the current surges through your body, interrupting your neurological impulses. But still, they don’t cause any serious injury to the affected. This muscular interruption will only occur for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Carried for personal protection, the stun gun is a very convenient device to have. It can easily avert a tragic situation giving you an opportunity to get away. For instance; you’re in a struggle with a mugger. The mugger seems to be overpowering you but you have a final card to play. With your stun gun, you send a nice bolt of electricity right through his ribcage into his body. And since he can’t control the resultant convulsions, he loosens his grip and is rendered immobile. You have reprieve. Your intention shouldn’t be to finish the fight. That would be foolish.

Your intention in having and using a stun gun is to create a window through which you can escape from the clutches of a perpetrator. That window is the difference between life and death. It’s the difference between victory and defeat.

Who would want a stun gun?

Anyone, really. Most people who carry it are females. They need it to ward off sexual offenders. But if you find yourself many times walking a lonely path in the dark you would definitely enjoy the company of one. Even people well trained in martial arts and other self defense practices would find this a handy device to have.

What are the risks?

The first obvious risk is the likelihood of stunning yourself. It’s possible. While carrying the device in your pocket, there is a possibility of accidentally flicking the switch. This would result in delivering a shock to your own body. On a more serious note, when accosted with an attacker, there is the possibility of being overpowered and having the weapon taken from you. even worse, used on you. In this case, it’s important to know how to carry it and when to use it.

Wait, there’s more….

Before you hop on to the self defense shop, you need to know that they aren’t legal everywhere. That’s right. Though believed not to cause permanent harm to the body, they are still considered dangerous in some countries and US states. Find out about where you live. Some places require a permit before buy just like in the case of a gun. In other places it’s completely restricted to own, carry and brandish one and you might find yourself serving some jail time when caught. However, there are the places where it’s completely allowed without restriction. Do your due diligence before acquiring one.

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